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Kiselev's Geometry.
Book I. Planimetry,   by A. P. Kiselev
Adapted from Russian by Alexander Givental
ISBN 0-9779852-0-2
viii+240 pp.,   5.5 in x 8.5 in,   hardcover

In Russia, everyone knows it by this nickname: "Kiselev's Geometry." It is by far the most famous Russian textbook, in all subjects, ever. It has been published over 40 times in dozens of millions of copies, and lived through many epochs, wars, reforms and revolutions - and not only in education.
Now it is translated into English and adapted to fit common guidelines for a high-school level course in plane geometry in the US. The book is equally suitable for homeschooling, regular classes, teachers' professional development, or independent study. Reviewers and editors of former editions uniformly emphasize exceptional clarity of exposition, which makes the book accessible to 7th-graders.
Unlike numerous other textbooks in the same subject, "Kiselev's Geometry" is good not only for being studying geometry, but also for having learned it. And it is a beauty too: for both its content and its looks.

Front cover
Front and back matter: i-viii , 235-240
Sample pages: 1-33 , 150-160 , 230-234
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Meet the author or browse (PDF, 8MB) the 1st Russian edition of the book (courtesy of Russian State Library).
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